The PDK (Pillo Development Kit) is the official API for Unity needed to develop Pillo games
Compatible with: Unity 5.0 and up (Windows & Mac)
Latest version: 3.1.1 (12 december 2016)
Required: Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.11 or later. A Pillo set manufactured december '16 or later

Now is the time: port or build a game for the Pillo platform!

The Pillo sets are currently spreading like a rapid fire. Especially in health care facilities, Pillo hugs are given all around. Everyone is playing the current selection of Pillo games until they mastered it front to back and back to front. We could not be happier with the current number of Pillo interactions, but this also means that the demand for new cool games are rising quick.. and that's why we need your game for our platform!

  • Beginner friendly, easy to implement in your existing games, or start a fresh Pillo game!

  • Update your game whenever you like, as often as you like. The Pillo launcher will update the game for all buyers right away

  • NOT exclusive! Do you also sell your game on Steam? No worries! The Pillo platform does not strive to have exclusive titles. The interaction with your game is what makes it unique!

  • We translate all your games in Dutch (only the best language in the world). This way the entire Pillo customer base can enjoy your games!

Development kit

  • 2 Pillo controllers
  • 1 Pillo-USB-receiver
  • For Windows or Mac OS
  • Pillo developer status
  • Full developer support
  • Lifelong free entry to Pillo GameJams