Pillo is..


You can hug, shake and rotate Pillo. This stimulates Pillo to actively move and discover.


Pillo games are always aimed at cooperative supportive teamwork. Pillo thus stimulates social development.


All Pillo games are completely non-violent! This way we keep gaming loving and attractive for young & old!

...for everyone

Because of this unique combination, Pillo games are playable by everyone and with everyone.

Pillo System

Everyone can play responsibly with the Pillo system. From playing together with peers to social and physical activation in people with a disability. The Pillo system is encased in a large handmade cabinet, with space for 4 pillows and the receiver. The cabinet is easy to move around and can be connected wherever you want with one plug.

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  • 4 Pillo controllers
  • Pillo PLAY touch systeem
  • Games licensee
  • The movable Pillo cabinet

For everyone!

When we say "everyone", we mean everyone! So everyone is the gamers, but also the non-gamers. Fit, young people, but also the elderly and people with disabilities. Whether you are young, old, healthy or limited, everyone can game together with Pillo!

"If you can move one toe, you can play Pillo"

In order to make the best games, we always develop in consultation with our target group. By testing intensively with our customers, we find out where their own strength lies and which form of challenge stimulates them the most.

Curious about what Pillo can do for your institution and / or clients?

Made with care and carefully tested.

All Pillo controllers are handmade with complete care and love by specifically selected Dutch suppliers. Each process has been carefully completed. This way you are assured of the best quality for your application. From housing to code and from fabric to data processing, everything has been thought of.