Pillo, responsible gaming with a pillow as game controller!

Pillo as a responsible console

Pillo stimulates social skills and exercise. Control the games with the pillow game controller by cuddling, shaking and rotating. Collaborate with your fellow players to win the game. The games are for all ages, non-violent and cooperative. Young children can play with each other or with the elderly, such as grandpa or grandma. That is why Pillo can also be found at various elderly care institutions, day care centers, primary schools and meeting spots. The main purpose is all about having fun playing with Pillo and staying socially and physically fit!

Pillo for people with disabilities

Dealing with the world with a disability is quite a challenge. For our clients with minor mental disabilities, PIMD (profound intellectual and multiple disabilities) and clients with complex behaviour revolves around quality of life, experience and having fun. Pillo Games supports this mission by activating clients socially and physically. Play Pillo games together with your clients and discover their power.

Pillo as a training aid.

Training while playing Pillo games, effective and double the fun! Pillo has developed games to rehabilitate in the exercise room in a playful and motivating way. Various exercises can be done with Pillo under the supervision of a physiotherapist, rehabilitation doctor or movement therapist. Find out how that works here.

They play with Pillo here