Our Story

This is the story of how a pillow came to life ...

Friends of ours have an autistic son, Tim - then 12 years old. His greatest passion: gaming! Super Smash Bros on Nintendo, that was incredible to him. With loud enthusiasm he named every move, every character and every feature of the game. Even if no one was listening. The screams soon landed Tim with his console in the basement. During the one time his parents tried to play the game with Tim, it became clear that they were unable to follow the fast game flow or operate the game controller correctly. In addition, Tim's autism meant that playing together with neighborhood children also did not really work. So Tim mainly played alone.

As a designer of new interfaces for games, this story motivated Ard to develop a gaming experience that Tim could share with others, including his parents. He started designing a game where two players really had to work together. And that included an intuitive and accessible game controller. The inspiration came from an evening watching a movie with his three sisters. Each one sat with a pillow on their lap. He thought, "A pillow, everyone gets that!" and began extensive research into sensor technology that could measure the various ways of impressions and use them to control the game. From this grew the first PILLO concept, the pillow game controller and the game "Pillo Original". Wherever PILLO was exhibited, it enjoyed positive reactions from visitors and the media. Visitors and professionals mentioned a wealth of possibilities for many more people than just the autistic Tim and his parents. Laurie urged to explore those possibilities. And soon our mission was: to make gaming accessible with PILLO to all those people who are not served by the gaming industry - because the games are too difficult or the controllers too complex. In short; make gaming accessible to everyone!

We soon noticed that the soft and intuitive interface of the PILLO controller invites you to touch and hug it: a feeling with connecting effect. We started to translate this feeling into new game concepts. Through the organized game jams, we steadily built a community of like-minded game developers. Nonviolent and dependent cooperation meant the beginning of a product that connects the most different people through games in an accessible, accessible way.

Tim and his parents found their family enjoyment playing with PILLO. In this we found our mission to reach every healthcare institution and ultimately every household with PILLO. Ever since, we've been working hard every day to make PILLO commercially available to everyone and to inspire game studios and students to create games with the most accessible game controller in the world.

Have fun together!