Rehabilitation with Pillo

Training while gaming? Pillo makes it possible. The game inspired by physiotherapy helps support exercises in balance, coordination and repetitive movement.


When you have to learn to move (again) after a trauma or congenital (brain) injury, practice is essential. This training is done with the guidance of a physiotherapist or rehabilitation doctor in an exercise room, where fitness equipment and attributes are used to support and challenge. But rehabilitation often turns out to be a tiring and sometimes even painful task. As a result, your motivation to exercise decreases.

Train while playing with Pillo

Is gaming a solution? Pillo games for physiotherapy are specially designed to support training in a fun and effective way. Experience shows that patients focus on the game instead of, for instance, the feeling of pain, which makes the overall experience during training more positive. In addition, the use of the cushion as a game controller ensures a very wide usability of our games in the practice room.

The rehabilitation games package

This game package contains games for rehabilitation and can be played by all ages. Click on the game title to find out more!

The games for Pillo are expanding by the month! Try them yourself.