Pressure Sensor

Pillo measures “hug” and “press” by the force with which you press or hug, for example to make a slider move.


Pillo measures the “rotation” of the pillow in all directions, for example to fly an airplane.


Pillo measures ‘shaking’ and other (fast) movements to trigger in-game buttons, for example.

2-4 Pillo's

Build a tower together in Super Totem Stacker, or throw pies with four players in Circus Utilla.

Huggable & recognizable design

Pillo is a huggable pillow. That is why we have taken into account our target group and their experience for the design. A clear, recognizable print on a sturdy and durable fabric with an antibacterial and water-repellent coating. The print is designed based on drawings and characters from the available games. A fun, original print with varations to keep discoving the pillow itself.

Based on the idea that both boys and girls like to play Pillo, a pink and turquoise version of the cover has been developed. In addition, for clients who prefer a calmer appearance, the other side of the Pillo has a solid, soft gray tone.

In addition, a Pillo cover is provided with a large and small eyelet. A large one with which the Pillo can easily be stored hanging. The small ring provides space where the battery can be charged. In order to properly close this passage to technology, the Pillo controller has a double-sided corner flap that can be folded over the small opening. In this way, the Pillo technique remains extra well protected against dirt and moisture. By using the available disposable covers, the Pillo is optimally protected when used by clients with excessive salivation. Nice and handy for any institution or practice.

Fair & clear process

At Pillo we stand for an open and honest approach. This applies to internal and external communication, for development, production and for all the facets of the pillow. We are a start-up and this presents itself with the necessary challenges. This is why we mainly work with local suppliers, which keeps the lines short, the quality high and the price fair. It also enables us to inform customers realistically about developments and expected delivery of the first Pillos. Pillo also invests in its relationship with other companies. Good communication and an honest relationship ensures a lasting relationship. This way we and our partners always know where we stand.

When it comes to game development, Pillo stands for the "shareconomy". We share our knowledge of the (healthcare) market with students from (international) game courses and use their knowledge of game making to come up with the best solutions for our customers. The software to read Pillo was primarily developed for Unity Engine; the world's most widely used game making program, especially among students and independent game developers. With Pillo's own Development Kit for Unity, we enable every game developer to make his / her game playable with Pillo.

Hug-Tex ™

The Pillo concept was originally based on a crucial technical challenge; the development of a pressure sensor technology that can be incorporated into a cushion without being able to feel it and which is nevertheless robust, stable and reliable. The original research resulted in a highly sensitive pressure sensor, made from a combination of high-quality materials which is now used under the name Hug-Tex ™; a proprietary brand of the inventor.

In addition, the electronics in Pillo are efficiently designed so that it takes up minimal space in the pillow, doesn’t disturb while playing and is still easily accessible for connecting the USB cable for charging the battery. The combination of technical design and the special Hug-Tex ™ sensor ensures an optimal huggable experience!


Light and soft. These are natural qualities of a pillow. Due to its soft design and light weight, Pillo is just as versatile as a pillow, but with the magic of a game controller. That is why Pillo is used for various applications in healthcare and many others! You can place Pillo in your back or in your neck, sit on it, put it on your lap or snuggle up to play the games.